ATTENTION: Little Sprouts Dedham will experience a delayed opening by opening at 10:00 AM on Monday, March 9, 2015. Thank you!

We recognize the importance of giving children an early start in education, and the impact it can have on their lifelong development.

When we first opened Little Sprouts in 1982, we knew we were onto something big—something more than just day care. Today, we continue to be an innovator in early childhood education, creating a learning approach that gives new meaning and dimension to the concept of literacy.

Little Sprouts is BIG on transforming early education

Creating 'Budding Scholars'
Mention the word 'literacy' and a lot of parents think 'reading'. But we believe that to fully prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond, literacy must be developed across a breadth of areas: reading, math, social and emotional literacy, science, health and physical wellness, and the arts. That's why we've created Budding Scholars—a proven, inside-out curriculum that is designed to create habits for lifelong development.

Nationally recognized leader in preschool
Parents aren't the only ones who applaud our comprehensive approach to early childhood education. The U.S. Department of Education bestowed its Early Reading First Preschool Centers of Excellence award on Little Sprouts nine years in a row! We continue to earn honors and accolades from local, state, national, and international organizations.
Measurable progress; real results
When it comes to improving the literacy of your child, Little Sprouts is truly in a class by itself. Little Sprouts’ graduates not only enter formal school ready to excel, they outperform their peers on multiple measures of early reading proficiency and are 11 times more likely to score 'gifted' than other children their age. Even children at-risk for reading failure as defined by their low-income status are graduating meeting all benchmarks and average in the 63rd percentile on the TOPEL Early Literacy Index.
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I cannot begin to enumerate all of the tiny details that have made me feel so secure in leaving my baby there, and all of the wonderful things my son has learned!

Laura Luna - Parent @ Little Sprouts Haverhill

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