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Little Sprouts’ child-centered approach to early education gives your child the best start to a lifetime of learning.

Little Sprouts takes a child-centered, individualized approach to education, ensuring that:

  • Every child is learning and growing to reach their fullest potential across all areas of development, confirmed through continuous assessment.
  • Children are actively engaged in their own learning.
  • Children’s interests, learning styles, and preferences are considered in every day’s planning.
  • Every child experiences joy and laughter while learning.

Additionally, our Budding Scholars™ Approach promises parents that their child will graduate a Budding Scholar:

  • Early reading proficient and
  • Set up for lifelong academic success

Little Sprouts provides the best start to education for your child through:

Individualized learning goals
At the heart of providing a child-centered education is the individual. We must know where each child is at developmentally so that we can support them to get to the next level. Our team of education experts utilizes carefully selected, proven assessments to conduct a screening of your child within 30 days of enrollment and again every 30-90 days, depending on your child’s age. This allows us to continuously update your child’s learning goals and be sure that he or she is progressing as expected.

Choose an age-specific program from the 'Programs' menu above to learn more about our developmental goals and assessments.
Intentionally planned activities and environment
Every Little Sprouts classroom is carefully designed to support your child’s development and education. Learning labs, our “greenhouses” for our Budding Scholars, are arranged around the room with each focused on a different curriculum area such as science, math, reading, art, and drama.

Your child’s day will also be intentionally planned, from the overall theme for the day to the smallest details. The schedule alternates between choice time and teacher-directed time, and the children learn in a combination of whole group, small group, and individual focus times.

Learn more about our Budding Scholars approach.
Research-based curriculum tools
As a three-time recipient of the Early Reading First award, Little Sprouts has access to curriculum research published by the U.S. Department of Education. From these research findings, we choose the tools that we use to support your child’s learning—tools that have undergone extensive testing and have been proven successful..

Learn more about our curriculum tools.
A track record of success
We don’t just think our methods work—we know they do! We have developed and refined our approach over 30 years, and have the research to prove that our children succeed. With our focus on social and emotional skill development as well as academic achievement, children leave Little Sprouts as confident, well-developed, reading-proficient school children who love learning!

Learn more about our results.
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I have two boys at Little Sprouts, and since they have been there I have seen them progress so much. After my youngest was there only a few months he was talking up a storm, and my oldest can recognize his name and letters. I’m so proud that they have achieved so much at their ages.

Lucila Rodriguez - Parent, Little Sprouts Lowell School

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