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Our award-winning early education, child care, preschool, and kindergarten in Massachusetts — not just day care!

Our proprietary, research-based Budding Scholars approach to early education promises that your child will graduate early reading proficient.
• 93% of Little Sprouts’ graduates are early-reading proficient.
• 64% of graduates are advanced in reading proficiency and over 25% are gifted.
• Each child's education is individualized through regular assessment and monthly progress checks.
You can feel secure in the knowledge that your child is safe, comfortable, and well-cared for in our intentionally designed classrooms.
• Every school is a secure, safe environment.
• We inspect each of our schools regularly using a Quality360 Checklist.
• We utilize rigorous screening procedures when hiring new teachers and support staff.
Little Sprouts teachers are the amazing individuals who spend every minute of every day planning and encouraging your child’s development.
• We search for the best educators, while carefully screening all potential employees.
• Educators are supported by well-qualified Literacy Specialists and curriculum experts.
• We provide and fund over three times the required amount of professional development hours per year for every employee.
The Little Sprouts environment is designed to make your child feel happy and excited about the day, where joy and laughter always play a big role.
• We use aromatherapy to create a relaxing, welcoming vibe and play upbeat music throughout the day.
• Vibrant, cheerful colors cover our walls and playspaces.
• Our experienced early education teachers make the learning process fun for your child.
We're always honored to recognize dynamic, privately held companies through our Pacesetters program. But it's a special privilege at a time when these businesses are widely recognized as the engines driving our economic recovery. The success of these companies testifies not just to the vision of their owners and employees but also to the health of our region.

Christopher McIntosh, Business Journal Publisher

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Congratulations, you have done a great job creating the Little Sprouts program. My son Jonathan is 13 weeks old and attends the Lawrence school. The teachers are kind and caring. I saw Susan Leger-Ferraro’s picture on the wall and remembered her from high school. I asked one of the teachers if she worked at the center; she said, "no she owns it!" She should be very proud. Thanks for making a place where I feel safe leaving my newborn son.

Eileen Harvey, RN - Parent, Little Sprouts Lawrence School

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I have seen my daughter blossom and grow so much in the year that she has been at Little Sprouts. Every teacher goes out of their way to know my daughter. It really is like her second family. Little Sprouts is really dedicated to helping my daughter learn and grow, and giving her lots of love in the process.

Jaime Schoch - Parent, Little Sprouts Haverhill @ NECC School

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I have two little girls, both attending Little Sprouts in Andover. Grace, my oldest daughter, has been attending since September of 2007. Being that this is our first experience with outside day care, it couldn’t have been better. The addition of the music program was absolutely fantastic. The curriculum is amazing. I am so happy with what I hear and see Grace doing at home from what she has learned at school. She loves books and often reads to us!

Janet Bowen - Parent, Little Sprouts Andover School

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Grace is my confident little 4-year-old. She has been living the dream at Little Sprouts for the past two years, in the toddler class, preschool 1, and now preschool 2. Grace always comes home from school and falls straight into playing ‘teacher’. She sings me new songs and shows me the latest letter she has learned to write. We’ve enjoyed our social times at Little Sprouts, meeting other parents and watching the children forming friendships.

Juliet Hannon - Parent, Little Sprouts Haverhill @ NECC School

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Little Sprouts has exceeded all of our expectations regarding our daughter’s social, emotional, and academic development throughout the three years she has been enrolled. We really don’t think we could’ve done a better job ourselves! Thank you!

Kacie Melo - Parent, Little Sprouts Haverhill @ NECC School

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My son Aaron started at Little Sprouts just a little under a year ago. We were obviously apprehensive about putting him in a daycare center at 18 months old. After a small period of getting to know each other, Aaron has thrived since being at Little Sprouts! His verbal and other forms of social interaction skills have increased tremendously and he looks forward to going every day! Being a working mom is a really tough job and Little Sprouts has made our lives a lot easier by giving us the peace of mind that our children will be well cared for during the day.

Kelly Davidson - Parent, Little Sprouts Lowell School

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I cannot begin to enumerate all of the tiny details that have made me feel so secure in leaving my baby there, and all of the wonderful things my son has learned!

Laura Luna - Parent @ Little Sprouts Haverhill

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I have two boys at Little Sprouts, and since they have been there I have seen them progress so much. After my youngest was there only a few months he was talking up a storm, and my oldest can recognize his name and letters. I’m so proud that they have achieved so much at their ages.

Lucila Rodriguez - Parent, Little Sprouts Lowell School

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Little Sprouts has helped my child strengthen some of his greatest qualities: determination, independence, compassion for diversity, and positive social skills.

Megan Arivella - Parent, Little Sprouts Haverhill @ NECC School

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In recognition of the significant impact that small business has on our region’s economy, this year the Chamber will honor Greater Boston’s ‘Top 10’ small businesses, led by Little Sprouts, an innovative leader in early childhood education. The 2011 winners are an excellent representation of the entrepreneurial spirit, focus on excellence, and commitment to the community that define our region’s small businesses.

Paul Guzzi, President & CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

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I have heard your business has sprouted! I have to tell you, I have heard so many people rave about Little Sprouts; my husband even knew about Little Sprouts. I have been thinking about how wonderful my childhood was and how you were a big part of that. I want to make sure that my son will have just as good of an experience as I did!

Rebecca Davis, Former Student

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We love Little Sprouts' staff and teachers. We feel our daughter is in a safe, fun, educational, and diverse environment.

Rochon Family - Parent, Little Sprouts Lawrence School

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I was enrolled at Big Sprouts Summer Camp at Northern Essex Community College when I was 8 years old. Now, 10 years later, I am back as a Camp Counselor. Little Sprouts has inspired me to find a dream and to follow it no matter what happens. And most importantly, to follow it with friends and those I love alongside me. Being a part of the Little Sprouts family is something I will always treasure.

Saige Jutras - Former Student

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I continue to be more and more impressed with the Little Sprouts organization. Everyone I've met has been amazing.

Shelly Outwater - Little Sprouts Parent and Friend

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